RSP Advantages

What makes our structural material (Recycled Structural Plastic™) so much better than wood or metal play structures?

Does not rust

Rust on metal playgrounds is all too common, even those coated with plastic or PVC. Rust can injure children and shorten the life of the play system. When you buy Play Mart equipment made with RSP, you don’t have to worry! RSP is designed to handle the toughest elements that nature can dish out – with no rust!

Does not rot or splinter

Wood playgrounds are gaining in popularity again, although wood is not a preferred building material for this use. Wood is susceptible to termite and bug damage, rot, splintering, and requires a great deal of maintenance. RSP is JUST as easy to work with as wood (using the same tools) but without the disadvantages. Over the life cycle of a playground, a Play Mart RSP playset will far exceed the value of a wood play set.




Graffiti resistant: marker, paint, stickers, and scratching comes out easily

Any parent or park director will tell you that graffiti is an all too common problem for most playgrounds. Stickers, etching into metal posts, markers and spray paint all detract from the kid-friendly play environment. Play Mart’s RSP makes graffiti removal very easy! Marker and spray paint will come off with a cloth and light cleaning solution and stickers don’t stick to RSP. Small scratches “self-heal” into the material, and larger ones can be smoothed easily while keeping color integrity.




Color throughout and highly fade (UV) resistant

Does not chip or flakeOn many metal playgrounds beautiful reds turn into pink, and yellows fade to a milky tan color – not the result you want when investing thousands of dollars into a play system. Play Mart’s RSP is highly UV and fade resistant. Our colors remain “factory fresh” for years! Play Mart’s systems built with RSP are designed to look beautiful after decades of service.




Does not chip or flake

Play Mart is committed to building playgrounds that wear well with use. Our RSP has a consistent color throughout the entire post or board, which gives it the ability to conceal scuffs and scratches. Painted metal posts quickly accumulate these imperfections, which result in major paint issues that require repair or replacement. Also, there is no outer layer on RSP that can flake off or get chipped away.




Would you rather choose a metal or wood playground that will look good and be safe for only a few years – at the most – or a Play Mart playground that will last decades?

Did you know we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our RSP Posts?