Custom Playground Site Design

From Concept...To Completion.

Playgrounds often look effortless. Take an empty spot in a park or schoolyard, Install some kind of swing set or jungle gym, sprinkle a few woodchips or a rubber safety surface and voila: playground! Well, not quite. There are a lot of factors that go into great and fun (and safe) playground design.

Our professional in-house design team is headed by a Registered Landscape Architect, CPSI, who is an expert in safety codes. For every project, at no extra cost, we create accurate 3D satellite playground designs that are construction ready. We guarantee that the designs created for each location meet ASTM F2373 (6-23 months), ASTM 1487F (2-5 years) safety standards, CPSC guidelines and ADA Law.


  • Site Analysis - We analyze location, climate and other environmental factors that can indicate proper materials, type of play equipment choice, etc.
  • Site Imagery - We use the latest technology to get an accurate image of your site and utilize that to create the most realistic site images possible.
  • Accurate Site Layouts - Your layout and design will properly reflect the property space with the selected play equipment placed with appropriate safety spacing.
  • Final Drawings & Site Images Include:
    • Quality Renderings - quality rendering and video at any resolution needed for presentations or proposals.
    • Equipment Cutsheets - cutsheets, layout and dimensions for all your designated equipment
    • Equipment Images - images provided in 3D and 2D for your installation

Project Example:

We are proud to continue our work with the US Army Child and Youth Services to renovate their Child Development Centers. The renderings and images on below represent a sample of how we can assist you in creating a custom project plan from start to finish.

We are able to create custom site design from scratch or revamp an existing site. We work with your architect or engineer in the planning stages to ensure all elements of a site are properly engineered and the design is cohesive.

The entire turnkey equipment installation is completed by Certified Installers to our exact specifications.