Custom Sign Panels

HIGH RESOLUTION LOGO printed on commercial grade Alumilite (aluminum double layer foam center signboard) with photographic artwork then laminated clear coat. All in UV protected materials. We finish it off with sturdy RSP supports, with multicolor or solid color plastic frame.

This is the high end auto- and truck-wrap graphics that last 10 years at 80 mph on the highways! Logo can be an isolated white background or a rich environment background photo.


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Product Specifications:

  • Series: Signs
  • Ages: Adult
  • Materials: RSP Post material (Recycled Structural Plastic - 100% recycled post-consumer / post industrial HDPE)
    EcoColor (Flat Plastic Material: EcoColor Plastic - recycled Post-Consumer HDPE (flat panels)
    Pipe (SureGrip poly-coated Steel Pipe with Stainless Steel welds)
    Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Safety Standards: ASTM F1487 (ages 2-12)