Harmony Hut (Hexagon)

Lovely child sized space for an outdoor concert.

Designed with acoustic precision and perfect tone by a Grammy Award winning musician, Freenotes Harmony Park instruments are built to maintain pure and soothing tones through years of rigorous play and exposure to the elements. Freenotes instruments are perfect for musical beginners and experts alike.

The Tuned Drums come as a set of five, all different sizes and sounds.  Our Tuned Drums have a distinctive Afro-Cuban influence. They are similar to traditional conga drums and have a specially shaped sound chamber that amplifies the sound. The drums are played using the hands to create a tom-tom like sound, creating an exciting avenue for players to create their own music and produce a big, open, resonant sound. Drumming captures the heart of most who encounter it.

The Swirl: The stunning sculptural presence of this design exudes both beautiful sounds and visual art. Tones are pure, soothing and never go out of tune.  The chimes are made of durable, resonated anodized aluminum and range from soprano to alto.  The swirl’s warm vibrant tone comes from individual resonators made of Anodized Aluminum.

Flowers: Each flower is a different size, height, color and has 4 different notes of very long sustain on each flower. They sound like soft sweet gongs. These flowers are so sculptural they will be enjoyed as soon as they are seen, but will enchant you with their tones for additional delight.

Chime Panel:  Producing rich full tones,  in Pentatonic scale which  were developed independently by many ancient civilizations resulting in a scale with no wrong notes.

Children will have  55 sq.ft of shade under our spacious outdoor roof.


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Product Specifications:

  • Series: Hex Play Systems, MiniHex
  • Ages: 2 - 12
  • Weight: 2620
  • Materials: RSP Post material (Recycled Structural Plastic - 90% recycled by weight: 30% internal scrap; 30% post-industrial milk jugs; 30% HDPE #2 bottles; remaining 10% is structural additives, colorant, and UV protectant)
    EcoColor Flat Plastic - recycled Post-Consumer HDPE (flat panels)
    Roto-Molded components (virgin plastic)
    Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Recycled: 85% by weight
  • Jugs: 15589
  • Safety Zone: 24' X 25'