Freestanding Chime Panel

Popular item!  We use only high-quality tubing for smooth, accurate tones for each chime. Eight Chimes play a G Major Pentatonic Scale (many songs can be played on just these 8 notes!). Two mallets attached by cables with bracket keep mallets secured.

Price: $1,168.00

MSRP as pictured, unless indicated. Actual price may differ based on your choice of color, components, and other installation requirements. Prices subject to change.

Product Specifications:

  • Series: Music
  • Ages: 2 - 12, 5 - 12, Adult
  • Accommodates: 5-10
  • Weight: 191
  • Materials: RSP Post material (Recycled Structural Plastic - 90% recycled by weight: 30% internal scrap; 30% post-industrial milk jugs; 30% HDPE #2 bottles; remaining 10% is structural additives, colorant, and UV protectant)
    EcoColor Flat Plastic - recycled Post-Consumer HDPE (flat panels)
    Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Recycled: No
  • Safety Standards: ADA
  • ADA Accessible: YES
  • Product Dimension: 44" X 44"