Pick the Perfect Public Park Playground Package from Play Mart!

If you’re looking for a virtually maintenance-free playset for your public park, your search is over! Play Mart offers the best commercial playground equipment in the industry. Our recycled plastic play structures are great for our planet, terrific for park staff, and phenomenal for kids!

Unlike traditional vinyl swing sets, recycled plastic offers unbeatable strength, safety, and longevity for commercial play structures. Our playground packages are designed to encourage all types of play, including active play, group play, imaginative play, and STEM components. Our inclusive playgrounds are fully ADA-compliant, ensuring every child can enjoy them. See for yourself why our affordable commercial playground equipment is the best choice for your public park!

How is Park Playground Equipment Different?

While there are many similarities, public parks have more considerations than playground equipment for schools. Parks often include additional amenities like benches, picnic tables, and outdoor athletic equipment, which you can also find at Play Mart. Since parks are usually larger areas with natural grass, it is especially important to ensure the proper radius of safety surfacing under any swing and side set to ensure that it meets fall height regulations.

Most private playgrounds are small and contained within a limited area, as is the case with most schools, churches, HOAs, and daycares. Parks, however, encompass a larger space that may include playgrounds as a feature. That’s why Play Mart’s commercial playground equipment packages are much larger and can accommodate more children than the traditional private playground. Since parks serve a diverse community, it is especially important for park play structures to be ADA-accessible and inclusive.

Featured Playgrounds For Sale At Play Mart

If you need inspiration for your park’s new commercial playground equipment, look no further than our comprehensive play systems that are safe, educational, inclusive, and low-maintenance!


Aspen Commercial Playground EquipmentExperience the excitement of a ski vacation right in your own neighborhood park! This themed commercial-grade playground equipment features engraved panels showcasing majestic mountain scenes. Admire the gorgeous aspen trees on the vibrant photo panel, adding to the nature ambiance.

Choose from three thrilling slides, ranging from the 3-foot Double Slide to the 5-foot Tunnel Slide. Scale the mountain with our variety of climbers, including the Rock Wall Climber, Arch Climber, and Double Loop climber.

Not only will children have endless fun, but they can also engage in educational play with our interactive Oval Gears Panel. Kids of all abilities can join the fun with the convenient ADA steps.

Aspen Playset Features:

  • Engraved panels
  • Full-color photo panel
  • 3-foot Double Slide
  • 5-foot Tunnel Slide
  • Straight Slide w/ Single Hood
  • Overhead Sloping Ring Ladder
  • Double Loop Climber w/ Handle Panel
  • Rock Wall Climber w/ Handle Panel
  • 8-Pipe Rail
  • Mirror Photo Panel w/ Driving Wheel
  • Arch Bridge PAB Panels
  • Tripple Stepper Panels
  • Oval Gears Panel
  • Kid Bench & Crawl-thru Panel
  • Village Roofs
  • ADA Steps

Get the details on our Aspen playset!


Olympus themed mega play systemDiscover the awe-inspiring world of Greek mythology with Play Mart’s Olympus-themed commercial outdoor playground equipment. Get ready to be amazed as your children embark on a legendary adventure!

Our Olympus playset may not reach the heavens, but its towering 8-foot deck will make your kids feel like they’re soaring among the constellations. And when it’s time to come back down to earth, a lightning-bolt-shaped sectional slide awaits, guaranteeing an exhilarating descent. With three other slides to choose from, there’s something for every level of confidence.

For those who have the heart of a mountaineer, we’ve included three challenging climbers. Test your skills on the Rock Wall, tackle the Deep Rung Arch, or conquer the 6-foot Vortex. These thrilling obstacles will push your little adventurers to reach new heights.

But we haven’t forgotten about the imaginative souls. The Olympus playset also features a sandbox, perfect for socializing and unleashing creativity.

Olympus Playset Features:

  • 8′ Deck
  • Big Dipper Panel
  • Solar Panel
  • Peek-A-Boo Panel
  • Gauges Panel
  • Mirror Photo Driving Panel
  • Mirror Panel
  • 8′ Star Gate Slide
  • Turning Slide w/ Single Hood
  • Lightning-Bolt-Shaped Sectional Slide
  • Open Spiral Slide w/ Extension Deck & Rails
  • Quad Stepper Panel
  • Rock Wall Climber w/ Handle Panel
  • Deep Rung Arch Climber w/ Handle Panel
  • 6′ Vortex Climber w/ Handle Panel
  • Storefront Panel w/ 2 Kid Benches
  • Sandbox
  • ADA Step

Get the details on our Olympus playset!

Alpine Peaks

Alpine Peaks Themed PlaysetIf the little ones who visit your park have an affinity for Liechtenstein (or even if they don’t know what Liechtenstein is!), the Alps-themed play set will be their dream come true! This European-themed commercial playground equipment has plenty of features to build little brains and bodies. While it doesn’t span the 200,000 square kilometers of the true Alps, our Alpine Peaks playset can accommodate up to 95 kids!

Alpine Peaks Playset Features:

  • Laminated Photos of the Alps
  • Castle Roof w/ Flag & Mountain Graphics
  • Rail 8-Pipe Panel
  • Stratosphere Stair Panel
  • Dubble Bubble Mega Panel
  • Rock Wall Climber w/ Handle Panels
  • Rope Net Climbers w/ Handle Panels
  • Double Slide w/ Hood
  • 6′ Alpine Thunder Slide w/ Hood
  • 9′ Reversing Spiral Slide w/ Long Lookout Window
  • Spiral Loop Climber w/ Handle Panel
  • 3 Castle Roofs w/ Flags
  • Deep Rung Arch Climber
  • Clatter Bridge
  • Storefront Panel
  • ADA Driving Panel w/ Teleidoscope
  • ADA Transfer Tripple Stepper
  • ADA Steps w/ Handles

Get the details on our Alpine Peaks playset!


Pinnacle Playset for Public ParksThe Pinnacle playset is the pinnacle ADA-accessible commercial park equipment! With easy access for wheelchairs and strollers, this set offers challenging and stimulating activities for everyone.

Get ready for endless hours of exercise and brain stimulation with our Long Lazy Loop, Chain, Rope, Rock, and Ladder Climbers. Our slides range from 3′ to 8′, offering excitement for kids of all ages. And when it’s time to cool off, the Castle Roofs provide shade with flags flying high.

Pinnacle Playset Features:

  • Long Lazy Loop
  • Chain Climber
  • Rope Climber
  • Rock Climber
  • Ladder Climbers
  • Castle Roofs w/ Flags
  • Multiple ADA Platforms
  • 4′ Double Slide w/ Hood
  • Reversing Spiral Slide
  • Long Lazy Loop Climbers
  • Tree Climber w/ Handles
  • Rope Net Climbers w/ Handles
  • ADA Sandbox
  • Open Spiral Slide w/ Extension Deck & Rails

Get the details on our Pinnacle playset!

Castle Court

Castle Court Playset for Public ParksTreat the children in your community to a royal play experience with Castle Court. Whether they are pretending to be Knights of the Round Table or the princes and princesses tucked away in their castle, imagination is their only limit. With 5 slides, 4 climbers, 2 tunnels, and countless other panels and activities, this ADA-accessible play equipment truly has something for everyone!

Castle Court Playset Features:

  • Straight Tunnel Peek w/ Extended Panels
  • Color Photo Driving Panel
  • Star Chute Slide
  • Storefront Panel
  • Clear Rock Wall Climber w/ Handle Panels
  • Sloping Rope Net Tunnel
  • Double Slide w/ Hood
  • 6′ Alpine Thunder Slide w/ Hood
  • 9′ Reversing Spiral Slide w/ Long Lookout Window
  • Timber Block Wall Climber w/ Handle Panel
  • 3 Castle Roofs w/ Flags
  • Deep Rung Arch Climber
  • Clatter Bridge
  • Apple Maze Panel
  • ADA Steps w/ Handles
  • Sandbox

Get the details on our Castle Court playset!

Choose the Safest Commercial Playground Equipment

Ultimately, the safety and well-being of your children are paramount. That’s why Play Mart commercial-grade playground equipment is made to the highest safety standards. Here are the safety certifications that Play Mart has earned:


The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association, Inc. (IPEMA) sponsors the certification program for Public Playground Equipment. By adhering to nationally recognized standards in the US and Canada, we guarantee a secure play environment for children and the public.

The IPEMA uses an independent validator to conduct inspections and witness tests and review manufacturers’ data regularly to ensure all equipment meets the applicable standards.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

All children’s products must undergo testing to comply with applicable safety regulations issued by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Once a product passes the tests, a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) is issued. Some products require multiple tests to meet different regulatory requirements, and our continuous manufacturing requires periodic testing in addition to initial certification and material change testing.

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

The ASTM specification aims to address potential hazards associated with different types of equipment to ensure consumer safety. By following this consumer safety performance specification, playground equipment can meet safety and performance standards. Additionally, dimensional requirements are provided for clearance and use zones. The ultimate goal is to prevent life-threatening and debilitating injuries. This specification covers a wide range of users, from 2-year-olds to 12-year-olds.

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

CSA Group is a global organization dedicated to promoting safety, social good, and sustainability. They lead the way in Standards Development and Testing, Inspection, and Certification across Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Through extensive research, development, education, and advocacy, their team of over 10,000 members establishes technical and management standards that improve safety, health, the environment, and economic efficiency – not just in Canada but worldwide.

RSP™ – Our Secret to Durability and Minimal Maintenance!

At Play Mart, we prioritize the well-being of both the current and future generations. That’s why we engineer our outdoor playground products to be environmentally friendly, safe, and long-lasting, utilizing reclaimed plastic and stainless steel. Our large outdoor playground equipment is made from our proprietary Recycled Structural Plastic (RSP).

Key Benefits of RSP

Here are some undeniable benefits of choosing recycled plastic playground equipment:

RSP Playground Equipment Does Not Fade


RSP colors maintain their vibrancy for years, even under the harsh effects of UV rays. Unlike many metal playgrounds that fade and lose their color, our RSP remains “factory fresh” for decades. Don’t let your investment turn dull and unattractive.

RSP Playground Equipment Does Not RustRust-Free Guarantee

Rust is a common issue with metal playgrounds, even those coated with plastic or PVC. With Play Mart’s RSP playground equipment, rust is never a concern. Our weather-resistant and non-porous RSP can withstand nature’s elements, including continuous contact with water, sea air, salt, and sand.

RSP Playground Equipment Is Graffiti ResistantGraffiti-Proof

Graffiti on playgrounds is a frustrating problem. However, with Play Mart’s RSP, graffiti removal is a breeze. Marker and spray paint easily come off with a cloth and light cleaning solution; stickers don’t stick to RSP. Scratches “self-heal” and larger ones can be smoothed away while maintaining color integrity.

RSP Playground Equipment Is Non-Toxic and Does Not PeelSafe and Non-Toxic

Our solid RSP material prevents damage and deterioration, unlike hollow molded plastic commonly used in other playgrounds. Additionally, RSP is non-toxic, avoiding the issues of peeling, delamination, and the leaching of harmful substances like arsenic and heavy metals.

RSP Playground Equipment Does Not Chip or FlakeSplinter-Free and Chip-Resistant

Unlike wood, which is prone to splintering, rot, and insect damage, RSP is a much more durable choice. It is flame, rot, and fungus resistant, impervious to termites, insects, borers, and will not chip or flake over time. Plus, there’s no need for painting or treating.

RSP Playground Equipment Does Not SplinterLow-Maintenace

Unlike other materials, RSP requires minimal maintenance. No need to paint, seal, or worry about rot or insects. Just a simple clean with soap and water will keep it looking brand new. HDPE is resistant to mold, mildew, and environmental factors that can cause scratches or discoloration. Get your plastic playground set looking amazing with just some soap and water.

Turn-Key Customer Service

We have been offering our turn-key services for over 40 years. This includes:

  1. Project consultation
  2. Custom playground site design
  3. Large selection of commercial playground equipment for all ages. See our Nature of Early Play product line, for infant and toddler playground equipment.
  4. Multiple options to install playground equipment and safety surfacing
  5. Exceptional customer service
  6. Long-term product warranty

We are always available for customer service, including adding playground components like our popular outdoor swings.

Because our playgrounds are custom-made to suit your park, your specific commercial playground equipment cost will vary.

Bring Big Play to Your Park with Play Mart’s Commercial Playgrounds!

If you are looking for world-class kids’ outdoor play equipment to bring a sense of global adventure to your park, Play Mart is your go-to destination! The Aspen, Olympus, Pinnacle, Alpine, and Castle Court offer ample mental and physical stimulation for hours of boundless fun. If your park has extra play space, take a look at our low-maintenance RSP swing sets and outdoor fitness equipment to complement your other play structures. Contact our knowledgeable customer service team to find commercial playground equipment that perfectly suits your park and budget!

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"Play Mart Inc. is truly the company you want to do business with when looking for commercial grade playground equipment.

Lesson learned: not all playground equipment is compatible with other equipment. Our HOA had a Play Mart set that was purchased in 2005 it was needing to be refurbished. Ryan Williams contacted me right away asking what he could do to help. Records hadn’t been kept so I was having difficulty finding what we had and what we could do. After sending pictures from my phone, Ryan took over giving us the original design blueprint! A detailed report on what we had and what needed to be replaced was soon in my hands.

We were elated to learn that some of our stuff was still under warranty! Options of what could be done and what must be done to ensure the safety of our children were outstanding! We were so pleased that the nightmare of searching for playground equipment was now over! The equipment is made in the USA too.

While we wait for delivery we can’t thank Ryan Williams enough for the care he took in making sure that our playground is safe! They also offer installation if you need that! Everything ships with detailed installation instructions like a picture book! Thank You Play Mart and Ryan for all of your professional help!"

Jeanette Bowen

"I'm not sure whether the kids would have caused damage to the playset at some point, but the playground survived the hurricane. Your RSP™ is amazing."

Tim H. Gateway Services Community Development District

Ft Myers, FL

“I would just like to let you know Play Mart did a wonderful job on the packing/shipping and installation instructions. We have installed almost every manufacturer in the market and your company is the most installation friendly we have done in years.”

Playground Installation Crew


“The contractor who assembled the set told me it was his first experience with recycled material in play sets and he was very impressed. He also told me it was very well packaged and user friendly for assembly.

It looks first class and blends in well with the wooded area surrounding our church. We like the fact we can accommodate so many kids with a set this size.”

Bruce P.

Topeka, KS

“This is cooler than big kids stuff!”

5 Year Old Child

Topeka, KS

“Congratulations on your extensive and impressive exhibit of your playground products. I was most impressed. If I were a child, I would spend a lot of time in the music section of your marvelous array of enticing things to do. But on the other hand, I could easily be enticed to the many other play opportunities for play and learning.

It is blatantly obvious that you have put a lot of careful thought into developing your engaging products for children. Congratulations and thank you for the tour of your exhibit at the trade show.”

Matthew Evans, FASLA Senior Landscape Architect & Horticulturist

US Capitol, Washington, DC

“It gives me great pleasure to be able to write a letter on behalf of Play Mart, Inc. On two different occasions in recent years, Play Mart constructed playground equipment on our school property. Play Mart representatives went out of their way to meet with the school playground committee so that we fully understand our options and the cost. We have been delighted with the equipment that Play Mart representatives recommended for our students. It is age appropriate and safe. We have had to make two minor repairs, which were quickly taken care of by the company.
In the process building the playground, we were very interested in using recycled materials. Availability of this via Play Mart was a big reason why we choose this company. Play Mart worked with us in obtaining exactly what we wanted. We were very pleased with the construction timeline and the value for the price. When we wanted to add more equipment, Play Mart was most helpful and made the changes cost effective for us. Our students spend many happy hours enjoying the playground.

We have been very happy with the entire project. It is with great satisfaction I write this letter on behalf of the company and their employees.”

Sister Laverne K., School Principal

Newark, DE

“We continue to be so pleased with our playscape! As soon as we open the door in preparation for outside play, the children head straight for the playscape. The teachers so enjoy watching the students play some of their favorite games which include: Pirate Ship (they all crowd on top of the playscape sailing off for adventure of the high seas), Shark! (similar to pirate ship but they all stand on top screaming “shark”), and Ice cream shop (sellers stand under the playscape and deliver ice cream cones to customers on the other side of the ‘counter’).
We thank you again for working so closely with us as we designed this safe and sturdy play area to fit the needs of our Nursery School. It has been one year and it still looks great, blending beautifully into our historic town green. Both our school and our community look forward to many, many more years of fun!”

Laurie H., Daycare Director

Washington, CT

“Our entire church is excited with the equipment and especially glad we saved 32,226 milk jugs from a landfill. We love the look of wood without the problems of termites and splintering.”

Joyce W.

Jacksonville, AR

“I wanted to drop you a quick note to commend you on your subcontractor’s performance…The combination of your quality equipment and the installation by Hammer Down has provided the staff, children and Marine Corp with an excellent play facility. The installation and application of the equipment has turned out superbly.  Hammer Down, Paul and his entire crew were pleasant to work with, knowledgeable of the equipment and codes and had an uncommon willingness to work well with us and other contractors. I commend them for an excellent install and terrific attitude.

As for the poured in place rubber; again a superb product paired with a great subcontractor. Clean Play, Allen and his crew provided a level of work that would be hard to surpass. The installation went smoothly and quickly. I appreciate their attention to detail and cleanliness. Though we may have stayed late, I never have an issue doing that for a contractor that works as hard and diligently as they did each and every day. There performance was outstanding and one I would look forward to seeing again.

I appreciate all of your help and you providing us with such high quality subcontractors. Thank you.”

Mike R., Superintendent

Sauer, Inc.