Introducing Our New Website & Marketing Campaign!

At the beginning of this year we made a commitment to expand our marketing and sales support efforts.  You may have seen some changes already, but there’s lots more to come and we wanted to let you know what’s in store as we move through the remainder of this year and into 2020.

Website Improvements & Updates

Play Mart, Inc. is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new website! In the next few days we will launch our updated design. We’ve updated the technology and made it a little easier to navigate. The new Contact page makes it easy for prospective buyers to request a Sales Representative and be connected with you quickly. You’ll see 2019 MSRP pricing listed on the public pages of the website and updated many product images and color options. Going forward we’ll begin to add great articles, educational content, and exciting product announcements to support our promotional efforts as well as drive more traffic to our website. The Distributor section of the site is also improved with news and announcements right there on your Distributor Home page. You’ll also be getting a new login, so watch your email for updates.

Online Advertising

You may have seen some of our new ads running online. In early summer we hired an online advertising firm with a lot of industry experience and to conduct comprehensive market research and competitive analysis. At the end of July we kicked off an aggressive online advertising campaign focused on creating more brand recognition and product interest—all in an effort to create a steady stream of qualified leads we can then share with all of you.

Email Marketing

Soon we will begin an email marketing campaign to help keep prospective buyers and leads aware and interested in Play Mart products.

Increased Communications

You’ll also be getting more communication and information from us. We’ll be sending you periodic emails letting you know about new product information, upcoming promotions and any other exciting news we have to share. Of course you can always check your Distributor Home page on the website for the latest news and information.


You are important to us and we want to support you in terms of design and graphics to help you close your sale. Some of you will remember Eric Minton, who took a leave for two years, but is now back in design and picked up some new skills. We’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks about our 3D real life site plan capacity that provides your customer with a realistic perspective of how our product will look on their actual site.

We love feedback on how we’re doing – it helps us know how we can help you!


We’re really excited to share these updates with you and look forward to helping you succeed as we move forward. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have as we implement our updated sales and marketing efforts, contact us any time.

Rebecca Beach, CEO

Play Mart, Inc.

(606) 305-1688

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