Fitness Ideas for Kids Stuck at Home

Fitness Ideas for Kids | Play Mart Residential Play SetsDo you need fitness ideas for kids? As playground equipment manufacturers we like to fancy ourselves as connoisseurs of play. We especially love to play out doors. We’ve assembled a list of six totally fun ideas to get kids moving.

All this social distancing is making it difficult for kids to get the same activity they did only a year ago. Many kids are still in virtual school and missing out on the regular recess, play time, or gym class to use some of that energy they’re filled with. But that doesn’t mean parents can’t help create fun activities to help get the exercise they need to stay healthy.

Fitness Ideas for Kids | Play Mart Residential Play SetsAt Home Fun Exercises for Kids (& Parents)

  1. Follow The Leader – The rules are pretty simple, everyone does exactly what the leader does. You can take turns leading. And everyone in the family can participate from toddlers to grandparents. March around the house or yard, bounce a ball, hop, skip, wave your arms, giggle, make funny faces, anything you can think of.
  2. Backyard Obstacle Course – Create lots of fun challenges kids can face. Set up stations around the yard with activities at each. You can give kids obstacles like jumping rope, walking across a board or balance beam, climbing porch steps, sliding down a slide, turning a somersault, riding a tricycle, hula hoop, hopscotch, and more.
  3. Animal Races – Pick your favorite little critter to mimic. Hop like a bunny, crawl like a crab, or leap like a frog to the finish line.
  4. Bubble Pop – Blow bubbles and have kids run to pop each one. This one is especially fun for the little kids. They’ll have to run, jump, and clap to pop their bubbles. Better yet, get a bubble machine and join them in the action.
  5. Scavenger Hunt – Popular at Easter time, the Easter egg hunt can be great exercise. But you can exercise their minds as well if you give the kids clues to what and where to find each item. Hint: We take you high in the air, but we never go anywhere. Answer: Swings.
  6. Dance Party – Great exercise for everyone! Make a dance floor in the living room or on the patio. Teach kids a line dance or introduce them to songs you loved when you were young. Give everyone a chance to pick their favorite song and everyone dances. Bonus if you dance and sing!

Of course there are thousands of other ideas. Our list of fitness ideas for kids includes our favorites, but it’s just a start. You should modify the games to fit your kids’ age and skill level, but be sure to challenge them so they can feel a sense of accomplishment too. Get creative and invent your own games and rules. One day your kids will share your fun with their own children.

It’s important for kids to get in a little physical activity each day. So even if your kids are stuck at home for the time being, schedule a time for them to get moving. You’ll be amazed how just a little activity can help make healthy kids and happy parents.

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