6 Essentials For Any Recreational Trail

Enhance Your Community Trails with Durable Play Mart Benches and More Play Mart is passionate about the idea that children and adults should spend as much time in mother nature as possible! While we have an extensive selection of quality recycled plastic playground equipment, our products don’t end there. We offer a full line of…

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Pick the Perfect Public Park Playground Package from Play Mart!

Perfect Park Playground Ideas

If you’re looking for a virtually maintenance-free playset for your public park, your search is over! Play Mart offers the best commercial playground equipment in the industry. Our recycled plastic play structures are great for our planet, terrific for park staff, and phenomenal for kids! Recycled plastic offers unbeatable strength, safety, and versatility for commercial…

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Playgrounds that Celebrate Earth Day, Everyday!

Happy Earth Day 2022 Recycled Playgrounds

Recovering yesterday’s plastics for today’s play. From the very beginning, Play Mart has believed in protecting our environment for our children today and for generations. So we’ve committed to doing our part to make our materials and manufacturing process Earth-friendly. What better way to fulfill that commitment than to recycle milk jugs that would have…

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Five Steps to Finding the Right School Playground Bench

Playground Park Bench with Roof

The playground is a place of fun and friendship. Investing in quality outdoor commercial benches is a great way to make the playground at your daycare, preschool, or after-school program an inviting place for everyone to gather and make memories. With thoughtfully chosen seating, you can create a great experience for children and adults alike.…

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7 Reasons Playground Drums Rock!

Quad Drum Table for the Playground

There is no debate that kids of all ages love making noise! Anyone who works with children knows that kids can turn anything into a musical instrument. These young ones aren’t just being mischievous; there are actually numerous benefits of dropping a beat! Extensive research has shown the benefits of music, and drumming in particular,…

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