A Case for the Backyard Play Set

Are you looking to add a backyard play set to your landscape? Great idea! Here’s why.

As the warm weather approaches, parents often find themselves planning summer activities for their children. Traditionally, these outdoor activities included: summer camp, recreational sports leagues, scouts, and more. With today’s uncertain times, these traditional activities may be more limited, or even non-existent. And yet, getting exercise outside is more important that ever.

Being outside, running, screaming, and playing with friends on the playground is a great way for kids to have fun. And it is also an excellent way use some of their boundless energy. But what to do when they can’t go to the playground? Bring the playground to the backyard.

Children learn life lessons at play, even in the backyard.

Backyard Play Sets from Play Mart Residential

What children don’t realize is all the lessons that they are learning while interacting with the play sets. A few life lessons that children can learn while playing on a backyard playground include:

  • Waiting their turn and practicing patience at the swing set;
  • Navigating climbing up a rock wall by themselves helps to build self-reliance; and
  • Challenging themselves to go down the “big” slide which helps to build their confidence, and more!

Play sets can also help teach interpersonal skills. Older kids can help teach younger kids how to carefully go down the slide. And they can also be there to help comfort littler ones who might have slid down too fast. The older one can also provide tips to the novice to help create a more fun experience the next time they slide down.

Children can sometimes argue over whose turn it is to go on the slide or the swing set. In this case, a parent can work with the children. They can ask them to figure out whose turn it is to help calm down the conflict. The parent could also suggest they team up do a fun game of hide and seek around the yard.

Outdoor play sets encourage a child’s imagination.

Play sets also provide fantastic settings for imaginative play. With a little imagination, a play set can transform into a castle in seconds. The king and queen can enjoy climbing up into their tower. Princesses and valiant knights enjoy their time on the bridges and platforms. Defending the castle form enemies, climbing up the rock wall. Perhaps the play set is a submarine with its neat tunnel exploring the deep blue.

Backyard play sets promote healthy physical activity.

Most children don’t get enough exercise in their daily routine. Since schools in the United States have been closed for some or all of the past year, children have missed out on gym class and recess. Having a safe place to play and get daily physical activity is important for growing bodies and minds.

Parents are increasingly looking for ways to make backyard play more fun. So, a good quality play set built for the backyard is a perfect place to start.


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